Top 5 Bad Habits You Need to Quit Right Now to be Safer on Uber or Lyft

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Ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft make it easy for us to go everywhere at any minute. With commuting more convenient, it’s also risky to enter a stranger’s car. Sometimes, it’s bad habits that trap you into danger while using transportation services and it’ll make a difference if you quit them now.

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Bad Habit#1. Sit beside the driver.

The Episode 1 Season 1 of Criminal Minds always occurs to me that a girl was killed after going into a second-hand car seller’s car. The last moment the girl was still conscious is when she was sitting at the passenger’s seat and asking questions before being hit strongly by the killer’s elbow.

Which is your favorite seat as you go into a stranger’s car? The best answer should be the back seat of a car. If the vehicle is a large one, the seat nearest to the door is the optimal seat. The seat at the back leaves much room between you and the driver and it’s easy for you to react in time whenever a danger takes place. By the way, it’ll be a sign of danger if the driver forces you to sit in a certain seat, the passenger seat for instance.

Bad Habit#2. Provide the exact address of yours.

Where do you usually get your Uber or Lyft driver pick you up or send you? Just downstairs of your apartment, or beside a coffee shop near your home.

If you usually provide the exact address of your home or the exact building of your home, it’ll be risky because you provide your personal information to a stranger and it’s not a difficult job to estimate your specific location of your home.

Therefore, it’ll be safer to wait for the driver at a public place near your home like a shopping mall, coffee bar, or a restaurant where many people usually gather around. It’s even safer not to select the same picking location each time you order an online transportation service. It also works for you as you select the arriving point where you’re going to get out of a Uber or Lyft car.

Bad Habit#3. Keep talking with drivers on the way.

Do you feel awkward to keep quiet in the car? If you do, give up your thought. On one hand, talking with a driver distracts the driver’s attention on driving, possibly leading to accidents. On the other hand, talking with a driver will probably expose your personal information base on which your identity can be sketched.

Therefore, next time you step into a Uber or Lyft, just confirm the identity of the driver and the car to guarantee that’s the car you’ve ordered on your mobile by talking. Don’t talk too much with the driver.

Bad Habit#4. Contact with the driver with your personal phone number.

Sometimes, it’s inconvenient to contact with the driver through the app messaging tool, which is especially true when an address is not clarified. Some drivers suggest using your personal phone numbers to contact without delay. You should say no.

If you provide your personal phone number, the driver will find you easily based on your number. In addition, too much of your personal information is linked with your personal phone number and giving it out will possibly lead your privacy to be exposed.

But we have to admit that calling is faster and saves us much time to identifying something like address. You’re advised to use a second phone number to replace your personal phone number.

Bad Habit#5. Directly go into a car without any confirmation.

Before getting into a car, you need to confirm the identity of the driver and the car. Check the make, brand, color and number of the car to see whether it’s goes with the description on Uber or Lyft. Then, check the driver with the profile image to confirm the same driver you’re talking to.

Moreover, ask the driver about your name to clarify he or she is picking the right person, not “fishing” passengers.


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