Is Victoria Hearts Safe for Online Dating?

Speaking of online dating, you may be already familiar with apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. Very little is known about Victoria Hearts, but it is actually also a very popular online dating app especially among Eastern European and American women. For those who want to make international friends, Victoria Hearts is definitely a good choice. What is it? Why is it so popular? And is it safe? All these questions will be answered in this article.

What is Victoria Hearts?

When it comes to international dating, Victoria Hearts is always regarded as the earliest and one of the finest.

Victoria Hearts was founded in California as early as 2013, with the very first users from Eastern Europe, America, and Australia. Now, as there are more people having an interest in making international friends, it has already gained 13 million users all around the world, making it the most popular international dating app especially among Eastern European and American gorgeous ladies.

Generally speaking, it is an online dating website for meeting “high-quality” single Eastern European and American ladies and thus having international relationships. If you’ve never attempted an international friend or date ever before, Victoria Hearts is definitely the service you should not miss.

It’s worth noting that based on the three key principles which are “quality, user base, and support”, Victoria Hearts claims to assist its users in finding their true love despite the cultural differences and long-distance between each other.

Why is Victoria Hearts So Popular These Days?

The original purpose of the site was to help its members break the distance and cultural limitations to start an unforgettable international relationship and find their soul mates. Because the site targets European and American men and women aged from 25 to34, a sample survey was conducted to explore the specific gender ratio of its members. The result has shown that there are twice as many male users as female users.

Why is there such a disparity between the gender ratio on Victoria Hearts compared to other online dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge where the gender ratio is average? This is because the site focuses on helping high-quality women find partners, so its goal is actually to attract more male candidates to participate in dating activities with those high-quality women. In order to attract more male users, the team has adjusted the web design and registration mechanism to maximize its attraction towards men.

Suppose you are a man who wants to start a romantic journey with a mysterious lady. After filling in your basic information and completing a short personality test on the registration page, you will see many beautiful women greeting you in your chatbox. This may give you the idea that you are like the moon among those beautiful, bright stars that become so hot, which will naturally attract you to spend more time on Victoria Hearts. Similarly, assuming you are a woman who wants to find a high-quality partner or soul mate. When you see that there are more male users in Victoria Hearts, it actually means that women are the sought-after minority and that you can find the other half of you who best meets your requirements more accurately.

Therefore, it seems that Victoria Hearts is a win-win platform both for the majority of men and women. This is why more and more people fall into this platform in the anticipation of a romance.

Is Victoria Hearts Safe to Use?

Although it is said that Victoria Hearts takes its members’ security very seriously, and also takes various measures like SSL Encryption and McAfee Secure to assure the safety of the program, it is actually not that safe compared with other major online dating apps, as it only needs an email address rather than a phone number to register an account. As is known to all, having an email address is much easier than getting a cell phone number, so people can usually have multiple email accounts in one go. And since Victoria Hearts only requires an email account, in a way, its users are much less authentic.

Simple Tips to Safely Use Victoria Hearts for Online Dating

Here are a few simple tips for you to safely use Victoria Hearts when dating online.

Do not violate Victoria Hearts’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

You’d better read Victoria Hearts Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before using it so that you’ll have a general understanding of this app and know what you can do and what you shouldn’t. Otherwise, your account may be banned due to the violation of certain rules you don’t know. Remember: always play by the rules!

Do not show your email address to those with whom you aren’t familiar.

Imagine, you once matched a guy on Victoria Hearts but finally decided that you weren’t interested in him/her, so you didn’t reply to his/her messages ever again. One day you start receiving emails from the same address, and surprisingly find that the person who send you the email was exactly the guy whom you decided to ignore before. You are now experiencing harassment. This is why you shouldn’t let others know your email address too early!!!

Register the account with an extra email address if necessary.

Actually, there is a smarter way than the two mentioned above, that is to use an additional email address to register an account so that when your account is banned as you may violate certain rules, you can immediately sign up for a new account with another email address, and you don’t have to worry about your life being bothered by others ever.

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