How to Mask Your Phone Number for Calls and Texts

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Many people wish they could mask their phone number when calling or texting; others may have never considered it.

What about you, then?

Everyone needs to mask their phone numbers but not everyone knows that. It’s not a difficult job to mask phone number but it really helps a lot.

how to mask phone number 1200

Why You Should Mask Your Phone Number?

You have more than one reason to hide your phone number while you just don’t know.

Mask Phone Number to Protect Privacy

Your private phone number isn’t a must-give thing in all cases. For example, as you see a product on Craigslist and you need to contact the owner for more information, your private phone number isn’t necessarily provided for a temporary communication. In another case, a house owner on Airbnb doesn’t need to let renters know their phone number since their communications are just based on a temporary stay over.

Up to now, so much personal information has been linked with your phone number and the more people know about your phone number, the riskier your privacy will be. As you register an account on online websites or applications, a phone number is usually called for to be used as an identification key. Simply speaking, your phone number is a direct access to your identity as a caller and it shouldn’t be given at will.

Mask Phone Number for Business Needs

Sometimes, you need to separate your life from business and you don’t want to be disturbed after work, which is especially true as you stay with your kids or family. To stop from being tracked by your job stuff, colleagues or customers, your personal phone number should be well masked. If possible, it’s best to have a second number especially for your business so that you’ll be able to have your business accounts on websites or apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Mask Phone Number to Stay Away from Unwanted Promotions or Ads

Another reason to mask your phone number is to stay away from unwanted promotions or ads. Marketers are everywhere and the promoted services are usually what you don’t need. As you get your phone number masked by them, the unwanted promotion or ad calls won’t be got through to your personal phone number or you can leave them unanswered without worries that they may come from your customers.

A Full Guide on How to Mask Phone Number

There is more than one way to mask phone number and all of them can be known from below.

Mask Phone Number with a Blocking Code

This method works for both smartphones and landlines. To hide your phone number from the other end of the line, you can add “*67” before the number you’re going to dial on your phone’s keypad. Then, your number won’t be shown on the phone of the other end user’s. This method is easy to follow but it takes efforts to dial “*67” before each number so that it’s inconvenient.

Mask Phone Number via Settings on iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you’re allowed to block your number by simple settings. Tap Settings > Phones > Show Caller ID on your iPhone and disenable the “Show Caller ID” and you’ll finish up settings. As a result, any call you make from iPhone won’t display your phone number on the other end’s phone.

Mask Phone Number via Settings on Android

Android devices with different brands conform to different settings to block phone number. Take a Samsung smartphone as an example, to block phone number, you should go to the Settings first and then Call Settings. And select Hide number to complete phone number masking feature.

Mask Phone Number via Your Carrier’s Service

Your carrier should have a service to hide your phone number and that usually should be paid. Contact with your carrier to subscribe to the service to mask phone number and all your phone calls you’ve made from your device won’t show your specific phone number.

Mask Phone Number via a Number Masking App

Based on the above methods to mask phone number, a blocking code isn’t convenient because it has to be added before each of your call or text. The other methods block your phone number in all cases, including your family and friends that fail to see your caller ID as you call or text to them next time.

A number masking app, however, provides you a second phone number without your phone changed. One phone, multiple numbers. That’s it. The second phone number can be used to call and text and register on online websites and apps.

Why Using a Masking Number App a Top Way to Hide Your Caller ID

Compared with all the methods contributing to phone number masking, a masking number app is regarded as the best way to hide your caller ID in all aspects. Here’s why.

Easy to Use

The essential reason to use a masking number app on your phone is its easiness to use. With an app installed on your phone, you’ll be able to have multiple numbers on just one phone. You’ll be able to make and receive phone calls or texts from any number on the same device. As you contact with Uber driver, product owner on Craigslist or a HR from a company you plan to work for, leave them a second phone number. As you contact with your friend or family, use your personal phone number instead. You are allowed to have multiple numbers without the need to buy another phone.

Multiple Functions

A masking number app not only protects your personal phone number from being known by everyone, it but provides multiple functions apart from calling and texting as well. For example, a second phone number can be used to register an account on Tinder especially for dating. Using a temporary number can best protect your privacy and security for online dating when you’re not totally ready for further communications.

Bottom Line

Everyone needs to mask their phone numbers but not everyone knows that.

It’s not a difficult job to mask your phone number and there are some methods.

Using a number masking app is the best way to protect your caller ID.


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