How to Tell Online Dates from Scammers

online dating scam signs 1200

Online romance is exciting if you find your true love or risky if you’re scammed. Finding the signs of being scammed helps you protect your privacy and save your time.

online dating scam signs 1200

Online dates are OK with dating sites while scammers are always anxious to switch the talk platform from online sites to instant messaging.

Romance scammers enjoy instant messaging tunnels because they’ll be able to share private communications with their targets without being regulated or monitored by online dating sites or apps. Therefore, if your online date always suggests adding contacts on WhatsApp, Tinder, or Facebook, they are probably online dating scammers.

Online dates ask all types of questions about you while online scammers always ask you personal questions but refuse to answer yours.

Stealing your privacy is the one of the main purposes of online scammers and online dating provides them chances to get others’ personal information because it’s necessary to know each other before online dates. Moreover, the sketches of your personal information helps them have a complete portrait of you and even can locate you in the real world. That’s dangerous. If your online date likes asking your personal questions but refuse to answer yours, they are possibly online scammers.

Online dates usually take it easy while roman scammers always tell you the match between you two is flawlessly perfect.

To hook targets, online scammers usually exaggerate your matches to be created by god. They can say anything as long as they are able to lure targets. Online scammers usually crazily pray for the “love” between you two and lure you to fall into the trap established by you.

Online dates don’t ask for money from you while online scammers ask for money from you.

Money is the direct “drive” for online scammers that always have reasons to ask for money from you. That might be ill family calling for emergent operations, necessity to pay for the rent after being robbed, etc. No matter what the reason is, avoid having any link with your date about money. It’s so dangerous.

Online dates accept meeting in person or video chat while scammers always avoid meeting you in person or video chat.

Online scammers don’t aim to find love on online dating sites but seek money. Moreover, the profiles they provide are totally fake so they won’t agree to meet you in person. They always find perfect excuses stopping you from meeting in person. That might be a late plane, unexpected accidents, or a temporary meeting.

Online dates look normal while online scammers look perfect from their profiles.

To hook the most targets, romance scammers always portrait themselves to be attractive and charming from all aspects. They are gorgeous in performance and talented in careers. Moreover, their businesses are usually cool and mysterious such as oil jig, military, etc. that tend to hook targets more easily.

Online dates keep online footprint while scammers leave no or little footprint on the Internet.

Profiles of online scammers are created especially for online scamming and their images are always downloaded from the Internet or from magazines. You can use image reverse search on the Internet and see whether there’s some information about the date can be seen. If footprint can be tracked on the Internet, the date is mostly real; if not, that must be a scammer.

Online dates’ actual behaviors are compatible with profile while scammers’ actual behaviors are incompatible with their profile description.

Based on the description mentioned above, romance scammers usually portrait themselves to be celebrities. If they always make spelling mistakes as you talk with them through text messages, they must be scammers. They can perform like celebrities but they can never be celebrities if they aren’t real ones.


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