Top 8 Prank Call Ideas in 2021, Funny and Harmless

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Prank calls are one of the commonest activities to do when friends get together! It’s funny and entertaining to prank your close friends or random people but it should be properly done so as to avoid hurting the person you’re calling.

It’s very important to control the funny extent of your prank calls because your prank calls may offend the “victim”. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep your prank calls both funny and harmless, which is the leading reason this article is here.

7 Things You Must Know before Making Prank Calls

  • Using a temporary number instead of your real phone number to make a prank call will add fun and help to protect your privacy.
  • Design your story and role carefully to make your calling target tend to believe you at the first “hello”.
  • Write down the whole script and practice it with yourself. However, the call won’t possibly go as is planned in your script and remember to freestyle when something unexpected occurs.
  • If you know the person you’ll make a prank call to, you’re suggested to change your voice or accent.
  • As you are making a prank call, avoid laughing loudly because your laughter will probably end your prank.
  • You must understand and make efforts to make your prank calls funny and harmless.
  • Don’t record the call since it usually disgusts people.
prank call ideas 1200x628

Top 10 Funny and Harmless Prank Call Ideas

Pretend you are “Siri”

It’s one of the funniest prank call ideas to pretend you are Siri.

Call a friend that owns an iPhone and change your voice into one that sounds like Siri. When the call is answered, you can say “Hi, this is Siri. I’m trapped in this iPhone. My user bothers me. Please help me!”. You will definitely shock and amuse the person you’re calling.

Make a survey call

Survey calls are usually made by businesses to persuade your real needs concerning their products. You can mask your prank call with a survey call. When the call is answered, tell the person you’re going to make an interesting survey and he/she will get some coupons once they finish this call. Then, he/she will get interested in your call and won’t hang up. Next, it’s your turn to perform pranks. Some stupid questions can be asked from you like “Why alphabets are in the current order?” or “Why black tea isn’t black?”. The person who answers your phone will be amused or irritated.

Pretend you’re dialing a wrong number but you don’t know that

This is one of the oldest prank call ideas and it can be seen in many series or movies.

Once the call is through, pretend you’re talking with your sincerest friend by asking about how is everything going with him or her or his or her job situation, etc. When the opposite side reminds you that you’re making a wrong number, try to insist you aren’t and continue with your talking.

Make a Prank Call with More Fun

It’ll be more fun to make a prank call with an extra phone number.

“You win a prize!”

This is also one of the oldest prank call ideas. When the call is answered, you should tell the opposite that “Congratulations! You’ll win a huge prize by answering some questions”. Then, tell some brain twister questions to let him or her to doubt their IQ.

Online shopping prank call

It’s funny to prank customer service staff but remember not to offend them. You can just make a call to order something that is not provided by them. For example, call Pizza Hut to order a burger.

Pretend you’re a calling service engineer

This prank call idea will definitely irritate or amuse a person. Make a phone call to your friend and try to lead him or her to believe you’re an engineer responsible for calling quality. You can pretend to test the calling quality by asking him or her to repeat stupid phrases again and again.

Stop calling me

It’ll be more interesting if you make such a prank call to an old friend of yours. Make a phone call to your “victim” and tell the opposite side to stop calling you! Then, the opposite side will feel ignorant because he/she didn’t call you at all. When misunderstanding occurs, it would get funny.

Trapped in “subway”

In this prank call, the two different meanings of subway will be used.

You should call the Subway shop selling the sandwiches and ask if they’re really “the subway”. Then you should let them know you’re trapped in the train and they need to help you out. If they say no, tell them again to do that again because you believe they are the “real subway”.

Bottom Line

Prank calls are funny to make on April Fools’ Day but you shouldn’t offend people.

There are some things you should do before making a prank call. That’s important.

Learn the top 8 ideas for prank calls.

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